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Pain Clinic

Treatment Approach

Many clients that walk through my clinic have long standing chronic conditions and pain. My approach is to start at the beginning and take a thorough history to discover the exact source of the condition. Being able to provide treatment for the client and create pain relief often depends on correct analysis of the information provided.

Therefore it is fake rolex sale to bring along on your first visit, any X-ray imaging, MRI Scans or blood test results including a list of all medication and supplements that you are currently taking if you have them available.

I combine Frequency Specific Microcurrent with manual therapy to correct pathologies and restore a sense of wellness. I will try to address the source of pain but cannot get so attached to being able to fix everyone that walks through my door, as many people have been in chronic pain for some time, and may need other therapies to compliment what I offer, such as Nutritional advice, Biomechanical adjustments, Exercise and much more. I am only attached to finding a solution and attempting to suggest ways to restore the client to wellness.

You may or may not be rolex replica with FSM, and normally the 1 st consultation will decide the course of treatment plan. If you are told that you will be treated with FSM then it is important to come to your appointment well hydrated. You may also be advised to purchase and take supplements for a period of time that will aid in your recovery.

If you have had pain for more than 6 rolex replica uk it is very unlikely to expect a quick fix. You may be asked to plan on two or three visits during a one-week period, especially clients with severe nerve pain. If we can achieve pain relief in the 1 st session it is even more important you revisit for follow-up treatments or the relief you experienced will be short lived.

There are never any guarantees in replica watches conditions. Sometimes when it is broken it is just broken. But we always try to improve your situation so it is more manageable. I am passionate about facilitating client's recovery and genuinely encourage you to join me on your journey to wellness.

Treatment Costs:

€50 euro per treatment session

For those clients that are experiencing financial challenges due to unemployment during this current climate, we have made available two places each month at a reduced price. Places available at our clinic are limited and on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to be considered for these treatments please contact the clinic for further details and concession pricing. T&C apply. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

The journey to wellness can for some be long and difficult, but with the assistance of Palm Physical Therapy you are on the right path. Owner and Therapist, Pamela Cranks (Ward) realises that in some cases this journey can be a costly one. Pamela value's her clients and offers loyalty cards, birthday treats, and other special offers from time to time during these hublot replica times. Pamela is dedicated to restoring independence and the ability to complete day to day activities more comfortably.

Please contact the clinic for details Tel: 045899256.

Preparing for Your Appointment:

Please come to your appointment well-hydrated. This means one to two litres of water consumed in the four hours prior to the treatment. Anyone over 40 who does not consume water on a daily basis must start hydrating 3 days prior to appointment.



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