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"Pamela is amazing, she is my hero, I suffered for 2 years with neck and back pain so sore sometimes I could not get out of bed. I had lots of treatments during this time but nothing seemed to resolve the pain, then I met Pamela and she said she was going to treat the cause. It has been a long journey but im pleased to say it has been worth it, I am so much better today and still coming for regular maintenance."

Co Kildare



"I suffered for 2 years with chronic pain in my coccyx bone. Doctors, Specialists & Physiotherapists nobody could pin-point the problem and give me a moments relief. 

It affects my everyday lifestyle from fake rolex sale to sleeping. The smallest tasks seemed like a mountain climb after no sleep, constant pain and the worry it would never go.

I got Pamela's number from a friend who had a similar problem which she healed. As soon as I rang and spoke to her, my mind was put at ease for the first time. Pamela had an indication over the phone, without even rolex replica uk me, what my problem may have been. I was excited to meet her, friendly, helpful and enthusiastic over the phone.

After just one treatment, I had four days of no pain, incredible. Pamela was much more in tune with the human body than most so called “professionals”. After my second treatment I had 3 days relief but only because I did some silly cleaning on the day of my treatment and didn't rest like Pamela told me do. My third treatment was a repeat of my second rolex replica uk giving me nearly a week of no pain, amazing. Just had my fourth treatment and hopefully will have relief for two or three weeks, with further treatments of just one every six weeks until fully recovered.

I am finally starting to get my life back, thanks to Pamela. After two whole years my back was in a terrible state. I am so happy to have found her and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Louise Bridgeman
Co. Kildare



"When I first went to Pam it was for a massage to try and ease the muscles in my back and relax me. This started me on a course of treatment that I can only say changed my life. Pam using massage and pain management with Frequency Specific Microccurrent has reduced my pain levels from being quite high 7-8 out of 10 down to 1-2 on an everyday scale. This is so huge for me.

I had a fall in 2000 that had left me suffering with chronic pain; this meant that my ability to do even small tasks or walk any distance was severely curtailed. Over the years I have tried many replica watches to try and improve my condition with only partial success. My medication has been constantly high to deal with the pain. Over the last few months Pam has worked such that I can only call miracles that am now down to only the basic anti inflammatory with hopes of maybe reducing this also. Now everyday is not a dread, my walking stick is no longer an extension to my hand. Plans can be made to meet friends; Pam has opened up an area for me that I had long since thought was over. Due to the long length of time with chronic pain “pain free” is not really going to be a reality but right now it feels as if that is exactly what Pam has achieved for me.

I now attend Pam for regular sessions of hublot replica uk which helps keep my muscles loose and also if I ever have any “flare ups” I know Pam can reduce the time it takes for me to recover from these from up to 2 weeks down to a day. The difference to my life really has me bowled over, I feel like a new person. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering any form of pain to visit Pam and see what a difference she can make to their life."

Carol Abbey
Co. Kildare



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