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About Physical Therapy

The human body is an intelligent organism; it is constantly adapting and changing in response to the occupation or lifestyle we lead. More and more we take our body for granted and ignore our body's alarm system signalling that something is wrong.  Physical therapy can highlight potential problems that might escalate if otherwise ignored, so just like your car your body is also in need of maintenance, which will continue to contribute to a well balanced body and mind, thus preventing other aches and pains occurring.

Unfortunately, for so many of us we have already reached the point of escalated pain.  Physical therapy will provide treatment in circumstances where movement and function are hublot replica sale by aging, injury, poor circulation or environmental factors.   Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximising quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of correction, restoration and prevention.   You could be recovering from injury, illness, an accident or suffering from stress, unexplained pain, stiffness, migraines, or any changes in the body's sensation.  Consider the alternative to drugs, pills or surgery.  Physical therapy is exactly what you need to tag heuer replica sale physical, mental, emotional, and social well being.

Poor Posture!  Everyone's enemy

It might be hard to accept that your pain may be caused by something as simple as Bad Posture, however pain from  bad posture ranges from the most common lower back pain, shoulder and neck to frequent headaches and even TMJ dysfunction.  Bad Posture is a downhill spiral as normally your body will overcompensate for the discomfort by even cartier replica uk the posture.  Whether  you are sitting at a desk all day,  curled up on a couch or even stressed or worried, his can put undue tension on our muscles, you probably wouldn't connect bad posture with anxiety, but they do through changes in breathing patterns, and to breath we need our muscles. Neuromuscular Physical Therapy utilises soft tissue techniques that enhance and restore balance to our body, alleviating pain which  will then fake rolex sale posture.


Some  of the Benefits  of the Treatments

  • Increase nutrient rich blood supply to tissue

  • Intensify the oxygenation of the tissues

  • Allows for muscles to work independently of one another (as they were designed)

  • Alleviate muscular pain and discomfort

  • Accelerates the elimination of waste and toxic debris that arise and are stored within our tissues  

  • Stimulates the relaxation response on muscles with the nervous system

  • Improves posture and joint alignment

  • Increase joint flexibility and improve range of motion

  • Helps to strengthen your immune system through lymphatic drainage

  • Above all, it feels good


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